Exit Counseling and Interventions

Help aimed at countering the effects of Mind Control & Cult Abuse

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  • Gain freedom of thought
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  • Get relief from cult abuse and mind control
  • Intervention help
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  • Life Coaching to help with core issues
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News and facts about Glenn and his counseling:

The final touches are being done by cult expert Glenn Samuels on his book about the controversial cult of Scientology. Topics include whether Scientology is a religion, a business, a cult, or a "destructive cult"?. Glenn also covers practical and time honored guidelines on how to regain freedom of thought after one has been victimized by cult mind control. One of the key breakthroughs Glenn has achieved in this book is being able to inform when a "true believer"? is approachable to share information with and when to begin interventions. Knowing when to begin an intervention and knowing when to share anti-cult information is critical to intervention help. The new book is a unique handbook that offers hope to parents, family members, and friends of loved ones who got involved in cult abuse.

A note on exit counseling: Exit counseling (or cult counseling) is different than regular therapy. A cult expert truly understands the difficulties a former member has been through. Cult deprogramming is not safe and is against the law whereas exit counseling is an authorized form of therapy. The victims of cult abuse and cult mind control have a special set of problems that someone who’s been through it, like Glenn, can speak to.

Glenn Samuels

Thank You Glenn! You have been such a great support to me through this living nightmare with my kids who shunned me when I left the cult… and for your excellent advice. I appreciate greatly everything you’re doing to help me and others in similar situations. JUSTICE IS COMING VERY SOON!!!!"?
"I had been a in a destructive cult for well over twenty years and I spent almost $100,000 dollars... Now with Glenn's help, in a few short sessions, I've gotten more things cleaned up in my life. Not only is the counseling very effective and concise, it has given me great relief. And most importantly, it is all about me and my well being which is very contrary to other groups. So after years of struggling, introverting, and beating myself up, I'm now eager for each new day to start. I'm excited about my future and I'm much calmer and happier. Life is awesome now, it is easy, breezy.?
"Glenn counseled my father after he left the cult. At the time we were fearful that he would die. My father couldn't sleep and he was extremely ill due to the spiritual practices he still did from the cult. He was very messed up. The doctors didn't know what to do and medicine didn’t work. My dad had been a true believer since the 1950s so it took extreme care and precise counseling to get him to shift out of the cult personality and to become himself again. Glenn is a very good counselor. I completely trusted him to help my dad and he did a great job. My dad recovered fully."

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